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Spring Training Pricing

  • Dock and Facility Use:  This includes trailer parking, boat storage, and days that athletes actively use the docks or facility. Not including coaches, staff, or coxswains. 
    • $2.50 /athlete per day
  • Launch Rental: There are a limited number of launches available for rent. Call us for availability and special requests. 
    • w/o motor: $35 /day
    • w/ motor: $75 /day
  • Rowing Equipment Rental: The club does have limited rowing equipment, sweep and sculling, available for rent. Call for availability and special requests. Please be aware that our local program may need to use this equipment during their weekly practice times as well.              
    • Eights: $100 per week
    • Fours: $75 per week
    • Singles: $50 per week
    • Blades:  $25 per week