Tennessee Indoor Rowing Championships

  • February, 4th, 2017, Chattanooga, TN
  • This event does not have a website. The following information is taken from the entry packet with details that pertain to ETRowing. If you have questions please ask.
  • There is no admission charge for this event and free parking for everyone at Maclellan Gym (the competition sight).   
  • This is an indoor rowing event using Concept 2 ergometers at for a distance is 2000 meters for all competitors except coxswains who race 500 meters.  
  • The events will use TV monitors clearly visible to all competitors and spectators to indicate leaders in races.
  • All times will be sent to Concept 2 for entry in the 2017 World Rankings.
  • Event Schedule 2017 LANE DRAW
    • 2016 Race Results 
    • ​College and Masters Events are held earlier in the day.
      • There are medals for the top three finishers in each of the following events. Plus event champion receive a stein.
      • The top four finishers of a team in the event following event earn points toward High School Point Trophy Events.
  • The team can earn additional points by top team finish in the Relay and top two finishers in the Dash events.   ​
    • 4:40 PM Youth Women 500m Dash (3 entries)
      • #5,6,7 fastest time from earlier events will race here.
    • 4:50 PM Youth Men 500m Dash (3 entries)
      • #5,6,7 fastest time from earlier events will race here.
    • 5:00 PM Youth 4000m Team Relay (4 men & 4 women)
      • #1,2,3,4 Fastest time of each gender will race here.
    • NOTE: Lanes are seeded, the faster rowers are seeded together in lanes 1 – 20.
  •  The following events require participants to have competed in either a 2,000 meter event or the coxswain event. 
    • Team 4000m Relay Race - Teams must consist of four (4) men and four (4) women. 
      • Each team member will race 500 meters and then get up and tag the next team member. 
      • Each team is assigned to one lane (rowing machine). 
      • Relay members cannot be competing in the Dash events.
      • Each team must furnish two (2) ergometer holders. 
      • No need to pre-register, just have team ready to compete at race time.
      • Top three teams will win medals for each team member, as well as a championship stein for all eight in the team relay).
      • Only one entry from any team may earn team points.    
      • Programs can enter more than one relay team.
    • Open 500m Dash Events – Limited to 40 lanes. Limit 3 per team. 
      • You cannot compete in the Team Relay event if you are in the Dash events.
      • Only top 2 (two) score team points.
      • The top three places in each Dash Event will receive medals and winner receives a stein.
  • NOTE: Competitors may use the gear and damper settings of their choice, but neither may be changed during the race. 
  • Weigh-in for Lightweight competitors and coxswains will be held Saturday morning, February 4, 2017, from 7:50 AM – 9 AM and 12:10 PM – 1:30 PM.
    • You must weigh-in only once (prior to your heat). 
    • Weight limits are as follows:
      • Lightweight HS   Mn:  155 lbs or less            Wn:  135 lbs or less
      • Coxswains          Mn:  135 lbs or less             Wn:  125 lbs or less
  • There will be machines available in the auxiliary gym for warm-up prior to heats and final races.  Warm-up must be completed prior to entering the gym floor to compete as events will start on time.
  • Team Points - Points earned for each place are as follows:


 25 pt.


 22 pt.


 20 pt.


 18 pt.


 16 pt.


 15 pt.


 14 pt.


 13 pt.


 12 pt.


 11 pt.


 10 pt.


 9 pt.


 8 pt.


 7 pt.


 6 pt.


 5 pt.


 4 pt.


 3 pt.


 2 pt.


 1 pt.

  • The times posted by competitors will be posted in the current year's Concept 2 World Ranking. 
  • Results will be sent posted upstairs near lane drawsand on Row2k. 
  • All entries must have the waiver form signed by each competitor.
  • There will be a food concession stand at the competition sight.  The food concession is now being handled by the University.  We will also be selling reasonably priced t-shirts.  Because the competition is on the university campus, all other food sales are prohibited.  Any team may sell their team t-shirts, but only with their team logos.
  • As a satellite regatta for the CRASH - B Sprints World Indoor Rowing Championships on the second Sunday in February, Concept 2 will provide round trip plane tickets to Boston for up to four (4) qualifiers provided they can win the event they enter at the Tennessee Indoor Rowing Championships and that their time is at or below the time standard listed here.
    • Crash B Time Standards (no age-based time adjustments)


Hvwt Mn

Hvwt Wn

Ltwt (≤ 165) Mn

Ltwt (≤ 135) Wn






  • Directions to event coming south on I-75 from Knoxville.
    • Take Exit 4 - North 153/Chickamauga Dam/Airport.  This is a right lane exit.  Go 5.4 miles to the Hwy 58 South/Amnicola Highway exit.  It is a right lane exit.  The exit  is also labelled "Chickamauga Lake."  There are UT-Chattanooga exit signs as well.
    • Go 6.4 miles to the next exit.  You will pass Olan Mills (right side), Coca-Cola (left side), BASF (right side) and Quaker (right side).  From the power line you have .8 miles to the exit;  the exit is 300 yards from the "Good Morning Chattanooga" water tower.  This is a right lane exit.
    • Proceed down the small hill and take the first left (onto Mabel).  NOTE:  Get into the left lane immediately upon exiting Amnicola Highway.
    • Go through traffic light on E. 3rd Street.  Go through traffic light at E. 4th Street and proceed past the Arena (#1 on Campus Map) to Maclellan Gym (Building #13).