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Crew Academy

Crew Academy
  • East Tennessee Rowing’s Crew Academy is a co-ed recreational noncompetitive developmental option for beginner youth 12 to 18. Perfect for those with no previous rowing experience that that are looking for a new sport or just try rowing, but have limited time available for competitive training.
  • Crew Academy focuses on creating an environment where young athletes can discover the sport of rowing while enjoying the great outdoors on Fort Loudon Lake without the stress of competition. Training develops the basic rowing skills from day one on indoor rowers continuing onto the water in eight-person shells. Crew Academy athletes learn posture, balance control, timing, and begin to apply valuable skills to become a more efficient rower.
  • Crew Academy is a month-to-month program that runs during daylight saving time. As an outdoor sport rowing, safely is dependent the water level of the lake, weather, and usable daylight. Interested athletes may join at any time to learn to row then continue to attend as a weekly recreational rowing class with no long-term commitment. Participants can start this class and take time off to pursue other intrest or vacation and return as needed. Once an athlete completes one month of Crew Academy they can talk to their coach for details to try-out for one of our competitive teams.
  • Details
    • Season: March 28th - October 26th
    • Days and Times: Tuesday and Thursday, 6:30PM-8:00PM 
    • Location: Smoky Mountain Rowing Center, 3452 Louisville Road, Louisville [view map]
    • Cost: $96 /per month. [SELECT]
    • Contact: Coach Allen Eubanks at 865-850-4649‚Äč
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