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Youth Rowing

Youth Rowing


East Tennessee Rowing sponsors a junior competitive rowing team for middle and high school athletes. ETRowing is not part of any one high school, our roster represents multiple public and private schools in Blount and Knox counties that unite to row and race for ETRowing.The mission of our junior program is to establish a legacy of developing highly skilled and competitive rowers. The goal of our junior programs are to use the sport of rowing to guide the athletes through a process-oriented, growth-mindset environment to better tap their personal potential - on the water, at school, and in their community.


ETRowing is always looking for great young athletes to join us in our competitive pursuits. If you think you’d like being outdoors, on the water, and part of a team where everyone competes, rowing is worth trying. No previous rowing experience is necessary - we teach you! No Tryouts and No Cuts! Interested athletes may walk-on in the calendar year that they turn age 12. We offer prospective athletes a free trial week to give athletes an opportunity to get a feel for the team and the sport and determine whether it's something they wish to pursue. Each season has special dates and pricing, select the one (above) that is right for you.


There are no individual superstars in a crew, only those that understand there is something larger than oneself constitute a successful team. While technical skill and strength are enough to move a boat, it is through the sport of rowing our athletes learn the importance of teamwork, personal commitment, self-discipline, sportsmanship, commitment, competitiveness, and leadership to create positive team culture of success while having fun and creating new lifelong friendships.


Rowing is immersed in a college going culture. There are now more opportunities to row competitively in college than ever before. Rowing in college offers a whole new set of challenges and rewards for young athletes and, for many, becomes the most memorable part of their college experience. For athletes willing to put in the work, rowing can also help with the college admissions process and, in some cases, can even provide athletic scholarships. Many of our alumni have turned their passion for the sport into a way to earn an athletic scholarship and continue rowing while they get their college degrees. Our coaching staff have the relationships within the coaching network to be actively involved in this process and are committed to helping athletes and their parents find a good college fit. 


  • The team is co-ed in the sense that we've got boys and girls on the team, but they train and compete separately. We have four crews: Novice Boys, Novice Girls, Varsity Boys and Varsity Girls. There os a seat here for you. 
    • Novice: An athlete in their first year of rowing. With a separate competetive division to allow beginners to the sport of rowing time to become acquainted with the sport and compete against similar experienced athletes. While in some rare instances, particularly talented novices are brought up to the varsity team during their first year.The novice year is focused on athlete development, establishing a fitness base, and gaining boat moving skills to prepare athletes to contribute toward future varsity squad success. 
    • Varsity: is a rower with more than one season of experience. ETRowing's Varsity crews are broken down into the following classifications: 
      • Youth: A competitor may compete in the Youth category until 12/31 of the year of their 18th birthday, or as long as they are continuously enrolled as a full-time student seeking a secondary school diploma.
      • U17: A competitor may compete in the U17 category until 12/31 of the year of their 16th birthday.
      • U15: A competitor may compete in the U15 category until 12/31 of the year of their 14th birthday.
      • Lightweight: A Lightweight is 130 pounds for girls and 155 pounds for boys.
      • Coxswains: Coxswains are up to 113 pounds for girls' crews and 120 pounds for boys' crews. Coxswains are ver important to the success of a crew as they are the individual responsible for the steering of the shell and giving commands to the rowers to facilitate the safe and efficient operation of the crew as a unit. The coxswain is the leader of the crew while on the water, and we expect our coxswains to be leaders off the water as well.


ETRowing’s conducts year-round training options broken down into four unique 12-week seasons (select above). Practices are run Monday through Friday.

ETRowing competes in 10-12 local, regional, and national regatta throughout the year, a majority of these event are on the weekend and do not require missing school. ETRowing does not coordinate, or arrange for local day travel for athletes as their parents are responsible for making all local travel arrangements to such places as Oak Ridge [TN], Chattanooga [TN], Nashville [TN], Gainesville [GA]. ETRowing does coordinate and arrange for regattas that require overnight stays such as larger national regattas or the USRowing Southeast District Championship Regatta in mid-May, these events may require missed school days. Visit our SCHEDULE page to find out more.



The Booster Club is integral to the success of the junior program and handles volunteer functions including team coordination, transportation to regattas, hosting pre-race dinners at family homes, manning the food tent at regattas, organizing social functions and fundraising. Your volunteer efforts are needed to support the athletes in their pursuits. You will be contacted by a team coordinator to sign-up and help out! 

Thank you!