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Board of Directors and Officers

President: Dr. Roger Hubbard
Vice President:  
Secretary: Dr. Liz Hubbard
 Clint Allison
 Alice Basler
 Jill DiBiasse
 Cindy Sanderfur
 Brad Peters
 Kahren White

East Tennesee Rowing Organization (ETRO or ETRowing) has drawn from the best practices in nonprofit governance systems to develop a model for the governance of our private club that provides for:

  • (1) an efficient flow of authority from the club members to, the board members, to the executive director and staff; and
  • (2) a simple method for tracking accountability from the staff back to the board members then to the club members. The club governance model is designed to:
    • - Clarify roles of key participants in the governance process. (club members; board members; officers; committees; executive director). 
    • - Document policies from members to the Board (via bylaws) and from the Board to the executive director (via the board policies manual), and from the executive director to the staff (via the operating procedures).
    • - Keep the board focused mainly on strategic issues and leave the operational issues and decisions to the executive director.
    • - Reduce the discontinuity that can occur after elections of new board members and officers.
    • - Ensure that authority follows responsibility and that accountability is accurately and fairly tracked.
    • - Provide "structure with flexibility" to preserve the culture and community atmosphere while improving the efficiency of club governance and operations.