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East Tennessee Rowing has been fostering the Olympic sport of rowing in the Tennessee foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains since 2006. ETRowing enriches the community through its comprehensive rowing opportunities for individuals, and is dedicated to the belief that the sport of rowing provides unique abilities to promote personal and community growth through teamwork, discipline, and physical fitness that can change lives. We are committed to our mission to promote the sport of rowing through on water rowing training, indoor rowing classes, small group fitness training, personal training classes to youth and adults to the Blount, Knox, and Loudon Counties communities, through programs which introduce broad based programs for athletic development and personal growth for both youth and adults from novice to elite skill levels and support the under-represented within rowing. By providing the facilities, equipment, coaching, and organization to support the sport of rowing with the belief that personal fitness, and overall wellness are achievable goals for everyone. Rowing by nature relies heavily on boats and support equipment that is specialized, expensive, and has a need to be maintained or replaced due to normal wear and tear. ETRowing's programs are totally self-funded through participant fees, private donations, corporate partnerships and fundraisers.

  • East Tennessee Rowing fundraising schedule is as follows:
    • • Monthly: Regatta Roast Coffee Sales 
    • • January: Power 10 Card 
    • • FebruaryErg-A-Thon
    • • March: Sports night out at TBA 
    • • April: Alumni Paver Sales 
    • • May: Rent-a-Rower 
    • • June: Car Wash 
    • • July: Silent Auction  
    • • August: TBA 
    • • September: Sports night out at TBA  
    • • October: Flower Sales
    • • November: Giving Tuesday
    • • December: TBA 
  • Funds raised by this event will go toward East Tennessee Rowing's Capital Equipment Fund which supports the following program:
    • ETRowing's Youth Program - This is our fastest growing program, increasing from 18 athletes in Fall 2016 to over 60 athletes in the Spring 2017. To provide an opportunity for every rower a chance to continue participate, as we simply need more seats which means more boats, safety boats and training equipment. This inclusive program draws student-athletes form 18 public and private middle and high schools in Blount, Knox, and Loudon Counties. These athletes compete successfully at the local, regional, and national levels, and with many being recognized with athletic scholarships offers from colligate rowing programs from across the country.  
    • ETRowing's Outreach Initiatives - Need funding and equipment for the infrastructure, personnel, and partnerships to support developing opportunities for individuals who are underserved and/or underrepresented in the sport of rowing.
      • Row-2-Recover - A low-impact indoor and outdoor rowing opportunity for patients and survivors of breast cancer to become active in their own recovery and rediscover the joy of movement and community.
      • Knoxville Rows - Engages youth from underrepresented and underserved communities in the Knoxville Metro area through a combination of rowing activities with individualized academic support to empower youth to pursue excellence in all dimensions of their lives.
      • Para Rows - A rowing and functional fitness class to empower those with physical disabilities to transform their lives through rowing, exercise, and community.
      • Row-Fit – A rowing and fitness program aimed stemming the childhood obesity epidemic in the Knoxville Metro Area (33.1%). The Row-Fit program uses indoor rowing, body weight exercises, and game play designed specifically for kids 10-16 years old, providing a foundation of well-ness for lifelong fitness that will help them excel throughout childhood and adolescence. 
      • Row-Ed - Classroom based indoor rowing education program which brings rowing directly into area middle and high school physical education classes or after school programs to provide teachers and students access to rowing without ever leaving the classroom. RowEd introduces the sport of rowing to students by bringing indoor rowing machines, technology, curriculum, and training to the students to learn basic rowing skills, exercise intensity, goal setting, and teamwork.