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United Cancer Support Foundation has partnered with East Tennessee Rowing Organization to offer survivors of breast cancer an opportunity to become active in their own recovery and rediscover the joy of movement while being a part of a community with a common bond of support.

Row-2-Recover is a year-round indoor rowing/functional fitness classes for patients and survivors of breast cancer. During the spring, summer, and fall East Tennessee Rowing conducts Row-2-Recover outdoor classes on Fort Loudon Lake.

Patients and survivors of breast cancer will undergo or have undergone surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or a combination of all three in attempts to treat their disease. Such treatments may leave patients with significant complications, including lymphedema, obesity, depression, and poor quality of life. The American Cancer Society recommends 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity physical exercise, along with at least 2 strength training sessions, each week have shown a significant reduction in depressive symptoms and fatigue, and improvements in lymphedema, bone mineral density, body mass index, quality of life, and most significantly, reduce risk of recurrence and improve survival for survivors of breast cancer. Before embarking on this or any other exercise program, participants must obtain clearance in writing from their oncologist.

No prior rowing experience is required to begin Row-2-Recover, as we teach you. Outdoor classes require participants to know how to swim or wear life vest.

Wear clothing that is comfortable for exercising, and fit close to the body (so it won’t get caught in the seat/slide).  Footwear should have rubber bottoms and always bring a water bottle. Outdoor classes are dependent on the weather. conditions can feel very different on the water than on land, so dressing in layers is useful. Once we start on the water we row rain or shine, so be prepared.


  • $15 individual classes • $48 4 classes /mo.  • $80 8 classes /mo.  • $96 12 classes /mo.
    • Survivors may qualify to participate at no cost through a grant from UCSF.

To get more info, get involved, or get started with a Row-2-Recover class: East Tennessee Rowing (865) 850-4649 or United Cancer Support Foundation: (865) 474-1551


Look for upcoming Row for the Cure® events to support Row-2-Recover and the Susan G. Komen® of East Tennessee. East Tennessee Rowing is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation supported through participant fees, fundraising, and private and corporate partnerships. Donations toward our outreach programs are always appreciated and tax deductible.