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East Tennessee Rowing Organization is working to provided outreach opportunities to individuals who are underserved and/or underrepresented in the sport of rowing. We are working on the development of infrastructure, personnel, and partnerships to support our outreach initiatives.

Volunteers provide a tremendous amount of support for all ETRowing outreach programs. Please fill contact us to volunteer, so that we can match your interest and availability with one of our amazing outreach programs.

All abilities. All disabilities. All possibilities.

  • ETRowing is striving to become a community rowing club that brings rowing to the greater Knoxville Metro area.
  • Many of our outreach programs are under development if you or your organization are interested in supporting us please contact Coach Allen Eubanks at 865-850-4649.
  • Our outreach programs include the following initiatives:

National Learn-2-Row Day                                                     

  • USRowing National Learn to Row Day the first Saturday in June sponsored by USRowing and Concept2. This one day open house is your opportunity to experience rowing at no cost and ask questions about the club and the sport as well as get on the water. Read More...

Row 2 Recover   

  • Through our partnership with United Cancer Support Foundation, we offer Row To Recover, a rowing oportunity for breast cancer survivors. Following the recommendations of the American Cancer Society for cancer survivors physical activity, the R2R program strives to develop healthy and strong bodies, assisting participants to become active in their own recovery, rediscover the joy of movement, and be part of a community with a common bond of  support. Read More...

Knoxville Rows                                                                                  

  • In partnership with the Emerald Youth Foundation and the Boys and Girls Club of the Tennessee Valley, Which combines rowing activities with individualized academic support to empower youth to pursue excellence in all dimensions of their lives. Knoxville Rows engages youth from underrepresented and underserved communities in the Knoxville Metro area. [under development]

Freedom Rows                                                           

  • A basic sweep rowing instruction for active duty and reserve service members, veterans, and families from every branch and era of military service. [under development]


  • East Tennessee Rowing believes that our rowing based training offers inherent physical and psychological demands and benefits that can and should play a role in stemming the childhood obesity epidemic. Childhood obesity is a growing epidemic, in the Knoxville Metro Area alone 33.1% of children are overweight or obese. The Row-Fit program uses indoor rowing, body weight exercises, and game play designed specifically for kids 10-16 years old, providing a foundation of well-ness for lifelong fitness that will help them excel throughout childhood and adolescence. Group A: Mon - Wed 3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m., Group B: Tue - Thr 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. [under development] 


  • Classroom based indoor rowing education program which brings rowing directly into area middle and high school physical education classes or after school programs to provide teachers and students access to rowing without ever leaving the classroom. RowEd introduces the sport of rowing to students by bringing indoor rowing machines, technology, curriculum, and training to the students to learn basic rowing skills, exercise intensity, goal setting, and teamwork. In a partnership with the area school systems Health and Wellness Department to improve student’s health and wellness through hands-on and engaging curriculum aligned with the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) Standards for Physical Education. [under development]