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Summer Rowing

Summer Rowing

Our spring season has just ended and now you're ready to start summer training. First, off take a break for few weeks, you deserve it, and it will benefit your training in the long run. This 2-3 week period is refered to as the "rejuvenation phase" in our training plan. It is your time to mentally and physically rest, destress, and heal up. Summer season is not a time to chase a new 2k or 6k personal record. It is a time to establish new priorities, offset imbalances, improve athletic qualities, build strength and lean mass, cover a lot of meters, and build a great aerobic and techical base. But most importantly, it is a time to enjoy summer and maintain your enthusiasm for the sport!

For youth interested in getting started in rowing, the summer season is an excellent opportunity to take part in one of our 5 Day Youth Learn To Row Camps offered throughout the summer on Fort Loudoun Lake.

East Tennessee Rowing's summer conditioning program is designed to develop athlete fundamentals as a bridge between the end of the spring racing season and the start of fall rowing.  This is a great programs for athletes looking to maintain contact with training and rowing while focussing on fundamentals. Our summer season is open to athletes, born 2000 OR later, with at least one season of rowing experience, starts June 4th and runs through July 28th. Athletes that participate in this season should be prepared to pursue a high performance multi-session training schedule in a competitive environment. This 10 week general preparation phase is one of our most productive training times to set up the rest of our year. We focus on these seven unique training disciplines: strength/conditioning, mental conditioning, nutrition, race preparation, ergometer performance, athletic body management, and boat moving skills.

  • Practice Time: June 4 - July 27, Monday – Friday
    • Boathouse: 6:15 A.M. – 8:00 A.M. and 10:00 A.M. – 11:30 A.M.
    • Gym: 1:30 P.M. – 3:30 P.M. (Erg & Relative Strength Training)
    • Watt Street Gym
      • Dead period July 30 - August 10, 2018: this period is to allow our athletes to get started with the upcoming school year. 
  • Racing: 
    • To gain valuable race experience ETRO plans to compete in the U19 and U17 events in following select events.
    • June 10 USRowing Junior B/C Challenge
      • Practice for this event will begin Monday May 21, with athlete selection by May 30. Practice is after school until May 28 when we will switch to 6:15 A.M. practice.
      • Plans are to depart Friday (6/8) AM to travel to the event and return Monday (6/11)
    • July 11-13 USRowing Club Nationals 
      • USRowing College Fair (for those eligible). 
        • All regatta, transportation, and accommodations expenses will be split evenly between those selected to attend.​
  • ​What to Bring: 
    • bag/backpack • yoga/stretching mat • resistance exercise bands • foam roller or sticks • swiss ball (sized for athlete) • water bottle • tape • sun protection, including: hat, long-sleeve shirts, sunscreen (SPF 15 or higher) • rowing clothes for 2 rows per day (shorts, preferably spandex, t-shirts/tank tops, socks) • sandals • running shoes • Watch • snack or money for between sessions
  • ​​Fees and Registration