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What Should Rowers Eat?

Nutritional Guidelines

All parents are encouraged to become knowledgeable about nutrition and training diets for athletes, rowers, and the special needs of rowers on race days. 

As stated in Nutrition Strategies for Rowing - “Rowing requires a unique mix of technique, power and endurance, utilizing both anaerobic and aerobic energy systems. Rowers have a very high energy and carbohydrate requirement to support training loads and meet body weight and strength goals.” To make it even more complicated, the optimal rower diet varies depending on whether they’re in winter training, or if it’s the week before a regatta, the night before the regatta, or race day.

Truth is we love food & can’t live without it! Most importantly, our rowers can’t row without it. But it’s a big job to provide sufficient quantities of the right food to our rowers at regattas. Here is the food tent plan designed to fuel our rowers with coach-approved healthy food at regattas. The primary purpose of the ETRowing Food Tent is to provide food and nourishment to our rowers at regattas.  Based on nutritional guidelines, we have provided a list of coach-approved foods for race day. 

Race Day Foods - Here's What's on the Regatta Menu!

energy bars
grilled chicken
applesstring cheesebagelssandwich wraps salad dressingcoffee
orangesyogurtoatmeal w/toppingsside dishes/saladsmustard(s)hot chocolate
grapesnut packs/trail mixeggsmain dishes bbq saucechocolate milk 
watermeloncut veggiesCanadian baconChicken Sandwicheshot sauceGatorade
berries pretzelssausage pattiesBurrito Barcoffee creamer 
dried fruitapple saucebreakfast burrito--tortillascream cheese 
otherpeanut butteryogurt parfaits--cheese Toppings for oatmeal & yogurt
 hummusenergy bars --lettuce craisins
 pita chipsfruit--salsa granola
 graham crackers, etc.drinks--beans almonds
   --rice, etc.  brown sugar, etc.

Recipes & Tips

This area provides busy families with recipes and helpful tips on regatta food purchasing and preparation.  It's also a great place to share recipes with other members. Get Inspired Here!