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Junior Rules

East Tennessee Rowing Junior programs operate on the philosophy that all athletes have the right totrain and learn the sport of rowing. To do so, each athlete needs a climate that is safe and productive void of disruptive behavior by other athletes. This document presents guidelines for maintaining such an atmosphere during practices, regattas, and other club sponsored events. By signing of the membership agreement and payment of fees each participant certify that they have read and agree to these terms and agree to the enforcement the terms of this Code of Conduct. 

  1. Rowers and coxswains will act in a mature and responsible manner and treat each other, coaches, parents, adults, and chaperons with RESPECT as an essential for amateur competition and fair play.
    • This includes but not limited to fighting, physical harassment, use of racial slurs, sexual harassment, promiscuous behavior, disobedience of authority, disruptive conduct, profanity and indecent gestures.
    • Public Display of Affection (PDA) must be keep to minimum and in good taste when representing ETRO. This includes at the boathouse or on sponsored trips (on buses, in hotels, at restaurants and the regatta site).
    • Athletes are required to wear shirt or a cover (no bare chest or sport bras) when representing ETRO at practice or at regattas. When the ETRO uniform visible it is to worn as intended or covered.
    • Hazing is prohibited. Any types of abuse in person, print, or via technology are not tolerated. All rowers have an agreement not to discriminate against other members, officials, or competitors on any basis.
  2. I agree to attend and take part in all scheduled practices and activities. Rowers and coxswains will arrive on time to practice, races, and any other scheduled East Tennessee Rowing event.
    • Athletes missing a practice are expected to notify a coach 24 hours in advance by email or text. (See attendance policy)
    • Athletes missing a regatta are expected to notify a coach 20 days in advance by email.
    • Parent/ guardian may excuse injury and illness 24 hours of absence with written notification by email
    • If athlete is being treated by or following direction from medical personnel because the athlete has a long-term injury written doctors release forms are required to return to practice after missing more than three days of practice due to illness.
    • Rowing is a team sport – participants depend on each other. When a rower or coxswain does not come to practice it upsets the entire boat. Actions and in-actions affect everyone on the team… consider this and act accordingly.
    • Missing practice without notifying the Coach of a valid reason will be considered an unexcused absence. The Coach will consider individual circumstances and events to determine what denotes a valid reason.
    • Excusable - reasons for missing practice are: (must include communication with the Head Coach
      • Serious illness/injury
      • Academic or other obligations previously scheduled and communicated with the Head Coach
      • Religious holidays, Mission Work previously scheduled or committed to.
      • Family Emergencies
    • Un-Excused - reasons for missing practice
      • Non- Emergency Medical appointments - (Schedule around practice please)
      • Heavy course load/homework – (Develop disciplined study habits)
      • Family outings: Birthdays, Picnics, etc.
      • After school projects- (What was the first commitment-Rowing or the project?)
      • Last minute practices called by Music and/or Theater Directors
      • Last minute study groups or exam reviews
      • Anything other than the items listed as excusable
  3. No controlled substances (drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or weapons) will be allowed at rowing related functions. Food or drinks brought on trips can be confiscated or removed at the discretion of a coach or chaperone. All bags are subject to inspection. Violation of this rule could result in the entire team not being able to participate in events.
  4. Travel I agree to accept and carry out the instructions of my coaches, regatta staff and officials, and designated chaperones.
    • Stay with the group at all times and be accountable to my chaperones as to my whereabouts.
    • Remain quietly in my own bed at the designated team bedtime. Curfew will be set by the Coach and enforced by the chaperons. No one is allowed out after curfew.
    • Maintain my hotel room, bus, van and regatta site in an orderly manner.
    • Discuss any problems that may arise with the coaches or designated adult chaperones before it becomes drama or an issue.
    • I understand theft of property reflects negatively on the East Tennessee Rowing and will not be tolerated.
    • Athletes are not allowed to drive himself/herself to any away regatta. Rowers must have written permission from parent prior leaving regatta site with other family.
    • Athletes of the opposite gender must meet in public areas and not in assigned rooms.
  1. Junior Members under 18 are not allowed in the Boathouse or Gym without adult supervision. Juniors arriving early should wait outside until a designated coach or parent is on site. Loitering in the parking lot is not allowed. The coach’s office is for conversations with the coach and not to be used as a lounge.
    • Destruction or vandalism of Boathouse property as well as unauthorized access in unauthorized areas will not be tolerated.
    • Riding bicycles, skateboards or skates and other horse playing is not permitted in the boathouse or around East Tennessee Rowing equipment at any time.
  2. Disciplinary Actions
  • An athlete with a negative impact on the team will not be allowed to continue attending team functions.
    • Infractions upon the rules will lead to disciplinary action determined by the coaches
    • Disciplinary actions include but are not limited to:
    • Verbal warning and counseling by the Head Coach and/or Executive Director
    • Suspension from practice(s)
    • Suspension from regatta (s)
    • Suspension from the team
    • Expulsion from the program
    • Parent may be contacted immediately by the Program Director/ Head Coach and the team member be sent home depending on the infraction.
  1. Failure to abide by the rules expressly written here, or given verbally by a Coach or Chaperone, may result in removal from the line-up, immediate suspension from events or dismissal from the East Tennessee Rowing Program. I understand that if I do not abide by these rules, I will be returned home at my parent’s/guardian’s expense. I understand that any individual’s failure to abide by these rules can jeopardize the entire group’s participation at that time of the failure and in the future. The Coach in consultation with all parties involved will determine all penalties for violations. Individuals, as well as parents, will be held financially responsible for any damage to any equipment, rooms, buses, and etcetera. It is also understood that I am committing to the team for each respective season, not just when it is convenient.
  1. Parents may address any questions or concerns regarding these sanctions or any issues regarding the Youth Rowing Program though the following contacts - directly to the Program Director/ Head Coach or the SMRC/ETRO Executive Director.