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Fees & Registration

Fees & Registration

Questions Contact: Coach Allen Eubanks at 865-850-4649

  • No prior rowing experience is required.
  • Juniors can start the year they turn 12 and continue through the summer after they complete high school.
  • To ensure athlete and equipment safety we ask new rowers to be able to lift 45 pounds over their head, which is the athletes part of the shell. 
  • All rowers/coxswains must demonstrate they know how to swim by passing a swim test. If you cannot swim, you probably shouldn’t be on the water rowing. 
    • Swim Test dates will be September 15th at the National Fitness Center in Maryville, TN. 

Junior Agreements options: 

  • Seasonal (3 mo.) | Academic (9 mo.) | Annual (12 mo.)
    • No pro-rated seasonal fees.

Agreements Payment options:

  • Pay-In-Full (PIF) | Month to Month (M2M) | Installment Payment Plan (IPP) 
    • Installment Payment Plans are drafted on the 16th day of each month by automatic electronic payment and require a credit card, debit card, or automatic checking account draft on account file.
    • Monthly membership installments are paid on the 16th day of each month by monthly automatic electronic payment (credit card, debit card, or automatic checking account draft).
    • Memberships 30 days past due will be cancelled and sent to collections.
    • Limited financial assistance is available for those with demonstrated need. 

Crew is an expensive sport our club fees cover operational club expenses include but not limited to: USRowing Organizational Registration;  Insurance - Facility, D&O, General Liability, and Equipment; Equipment Usage - shells, ergometers, workout equipment, and safety launches; Facility Usage - boathouse and gym; Professional USRowing Certified Coaching; Club Administrative - general operation expenses, media, communication and website fees.

Junior Fees

 Pay-In-Full Installments Monthly
In-Season Agreements        
Novice Fall Season$435REGISTER|$150 (x3)REGISTER|  
Varsity Fall Season$625REGISTER|$210 (x3)REGISTER|  
Novice Spring Season$435REGISTER|$150 (x3)REGISTER|  
Spring Season$625REGISTER|$210 (x3)REGISTER|  
Off Season Conditioning Agreements        
Summer Season$625REGISTER|  |$325REGISTER
Winter Season 5x /week$395REGISTER|  |$135REGISTER
Winter Season 3x /week$321REGISTER|  |$110REGISTER
Winter Season 2x /week$232REGISTER|  |$80REGISTER
Multi-Season Agreements        
Annual Rower$2100REGISTER|$175 (x12)REGISTER|  
 Seasons: Fall | Winter | Spring | Summer        
Annual Coxswain$1500REGISTER|$125 (x12)REGISTER|  
 Seasons: Fall | Winter | Spring | Summer        
Academic (Seniors Only)$1800REGISTER|$202 (x9)REGISTER|  
 Seasons: Fall | Winter | Spring        

Additional Fees

  • Travel Fees
    • East Tennessee Rowing does not want to "nickel and dime" you each time an event arrives. The travel fees primary serve to split the various regatta costs that accompany being on a competitive team. Parents are responsible for regional transportation and lodging if the family so chooses, though there is coordination with multiple day regattas. 
    • Team Travel Fee – Are invoiced each season once registration closes. This fee includes shared event costs where the majority of the roster competes and includes: team entry fees, coach expenses, equipment transport, and team transport if required. In the event the event requires an overnight stay the club will reserve a team room block. Athletes that choose to stay in the room block will be split the cost of the direct expense. This fee must be paid prior to first event. 
    • Select Travel Fee –  Are invoiced per event to each athlete on the trip once roster is finalized. Typically for post-season or more selective regattas. This fees includes all costs shared cost for that event and invoiced separately as needed. Fees must be paid prior to the event. Select Fees include: entry fees, equipment transport, team transportation, team hotels, coaching expenses, and entry fees.
  • Direct Personal Expenses
  • USRowing, the National Governing Body of our sport, requires an annual Individual Championship Membership ($45) to compete in major regional and national competitions. East Tennessee Rowing’s club code is HWTWE.
  • Uniforms: The team uniform and personal gear are not included in the membership.
    • The Novice rowers will have the option to purchase racing shirt at the information meeting ($20).
    • The Varsity will be measured for gear prior to August 1st.
  • A team spirit store will open the team store once the season starts to give an opportunity to get gear for athletes and parents.