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East Tennessee Rowing promotes the Olympic sport of rowing in the Tennessee foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains by sponsoring a youth rowing program that draws athletes from multiple middle and high schools in the Blount, Knox and Loudon Counties. Our mission is to continue the legacy of developing highly skilled and competitive youth rowers through community education and training in the sport of rowing. We offer both recreational and competitive youth rowing programs for athletes beginning the year they turn 12 through 18 years of age. If you like being outdoors, on the water, while getting in great shape, and making lifelong friendships, rowing is worth a try.

Stop Playing Games...Row With Us

  • • We are always looking for great young athletes to join us in our competitive pursuits. Athletes that are hardworking youth athletes willing to set high standards for themselves and those around them, who have a willingness to learn, the drive to compete, and are able to thrive in a team culture where the success of the team is larger than the individual.
  • • The fact is, by age 12 70% of the kids involved with organized sports quit playing over safety concerns, injury, or it not being a good fit due to; limited playing time, burnt-out, a late start, lack of skill, limited opportunity or simply it’s no longer fun.
  • • Where traditional organized youth sports start as young as 5 years old, rowing is unique that no one truly starts rowing until age 12, most rowers start their freshman year in college. This is due to the physical maturity and strength needed to perform the sport.
  • • Rowing is one of the best cardio sports you can do as it works the whole-body, it is non-contact and low-impact limiting the injury and risk associated with other activities. Concussions are a real concern for many parent in today youth sports culture. Rowing is low on the list of sports where young people suffer concussions as there is no player-to-player contact, but it can happen. Concussions don’t usually happen on the water, if an athlete is going to receive a concussion it would most likely happen in ways that you would expect around the boathouse, like slipping on a wet floor or walking into a boat or rigger.
  • • Rowing is a sport that is beautiful to watch, easy to learn yet hard to master, demanding teamwork, timing, with mental and physical toughness, while being a lot of fun.
  • • Rowing is immersed in a college going culture, which is one of the primary advantages of starting during the high school years. There is a limited high school pool of qualified athletes for colleges to recruit, as most athletes don't discover rowing until the walk on their freshman year of college which improves your odds of college admissions and for some willing to put in the work getting an offer for a college rowing scholarships. Many of our athletes have been able to continue their education and row collegiately at schools such as; Tennessee, Alabama, Clemson, Louisville, Stetson, West Virginia, Saint Joseph's, and US Naval Academy to name a few.
  • • Our rowers and coxswains come from various athletic backgrounds, and like you, most have NO prior rowing experience. While our crews are competitive they do not require tryouts to join, our nationally certified coaches have the knowledge, facilities, and equipment to bring on beginner non-experienced athletes each season to find their passion and get them up to speed.
  • • ETRowing competes successfully across the Southeast as well as nationally, with some being selected to train with the US Junior National Team.


  • East Tennessee Rowing is not a part of any one high school, but our main competitive seasons follow the academic calendar running from August through May each year. We do practice as scheduled during Spring break as our athletes do attend multiple school systems.
  • ETRowing conducts year around programing split into four training seasons, each having unique competitive formats. 
  • Our recreational rowing programs are conducted in the summer months through our summer session and one week summer learn-to-row camps.


  • A major part of rowing involves the crew moving equipment from the boathouse to the water on a daily basis. The eight person rowing shells are over 50 feet in length, weighing just over 200 pounds and are very cumbersome. To ensure athlete and equipment safety we ask rowers to be able to lift 45 pounds over their head, which is the athletes part of the shell. All rowers need to know how to swim. If you cannot swim, you probably shouldn’t be on the water rowing. 

What to Wear

  • Rowing is an outside sport and athletes are expected to come prepared for the elements and dressed appropriately ready to workout. If an athlete does not have the appropriate clothing for the weather they may not be in a lineup due to safety concerns. Our gym does have a bathroom that can be used to change clothes, however our boathouse does not. It’s is always a good idea to bring dry clothes to change into after practice if they get wet. Clothing should be comfortable for exercising, and fit close to the body (so it won’t get caught in the seat/slide). As we are a co-ed sport and out of respect for our coaches, athletes will wear shirts and shorts that cover the athlete’s chest and cheeks when at practice or regattas.  Footwear should have rubber bottoms to reduce slipping on the dock.  Weather conditions can feel very different on the water than on land, so dressing in layers is useful, and avoid cotton clothing. Once we start on the water we row rain or shine, so be prepared. Athletes should always bring a water bottle and NEVER share water bottles with teammates. 

Roster Selection

  • ETRowing promotes speed regardless of age or grade. Athletes that are identified as boat movers will be boated accordingly determined by the coaching staff and will factor in:  attendance, attitude, erg scores, overall performance, and boat moving ability. The team is co-ed, as we do have boys and girls, but they train and compete on separate crews.
    • ​• Novice -- for beginner athletes in their first year. That focus on athlete development, establishing a fitness base, and gaining boat moving skills to prepare athletes to contribute toward their future varsity squad success.
    • Varsity -- for experienced athletes with one season or more of racing experience. There have been instances, particularly talented novices are brought up to the varsity crews in their first season on the team. 
      • • U19:  A Competitor may compete until December 31 of the year of his or her 18th birthday, or be continuously enrolled in secondary school as a full-time student seeking a diploma.
      • • Lightweight: A Competitor of smaller size: Wns ltwt cut-off 130 lbs | Mns ltwt cut-off 150 lbs.
      • • U17: A Competitor may compete until December 31 of the year of his or her 16th birthday.
      • • U15: A Competitor may compete until December 31 of the year of his or her 14th birthday.
    • • Coxswain -- A coxswain is an athlete, smaller in stature, who steers the boat and directs the crew during races and practices. Wns coxswains 110 lbs or less | Mns coxswains 120 lbs or less.


  • We use multiple platforms to make sure the athlete and their support network are informed. 
    • E-mail to the provided contact given during registration.
    • Text system “Remind” - join by texting @etrowing to #81010
    • Like or follow us at @etrowing on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram for general announcements and weather updates.


  • We realize some may choose not to row because they are unfamiliar with the sport and might not want to pay for something they have never tried. Walk-on for a WEEK FREE, with no try-outs, to meet our team and get a feel for the sport. If you like it sign-up if not there's no obligation.
  • East Tennessee Rowing membership agreement options for junior athletes: Seasonal (3-month), Academic (9-month), and Annual (12-month).
    • Membership Agreements can be paid as Installment Payment Plan (IPP) or Pay-In-Full (PIF), Installment Payment Plans are auto-draft and require a credit card on file in athletes on-line account.
  • ​​Program Contact: Coach Allen Eubanks at 865-850-4649
  • Seasonal Membership - Junior Novice  (for first year junior athletes)
    • 3 month commitment
    • Mon, Tue, Thu, & Fri, 4:15 P.M. – 6:15 P.M.
      • Optional Gym days: Wed 4:30 - 5:30 and Sat 10:30 - 11:30
    • Novice Spring (2/26 – 5/13) Fee: $405,  IPP 3x $135 [register] or PIF $393 [register]
      • (Fees does not include team travel, uniforms, or USRowing athlete membership fee)
  • Seasonal Membership - Junior 
    • ​3 month agreement
    • Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, & Fri, 4:15 P.M. – 6:15 P.M.
      • ​Optional Gym day: Sat 10:30 - 11:30
    • Varsity Spring (2/12 – 5/13) Fee: $625, IPP 3x $209 [register] or PIF $606 [register]
      • (Fees does not include team travel, uniforms, or USRowing athlete membership fee)​
  • Academic Membership - Junior 
    • Seasons: Fall | Winter | Spring
    • 9 month agreement: $1818, IPP 3x $202 [register] or PIF $1765 [register]
      • (Fees does not include team travel, uniforms, or USRowing athlete membership fee)
  • Annual Membership -​ Junior
    • Seasons: Fall | Winter | Spring | Summer 
    • 12 month agreement: $2100, IPP 12x $175 [register] or PIF $1940 [register]
      • (Fees does not include team travel, uniforms, or USRowing athlete membership fee)​
  • Annual Membership - Junior Coxswain 
    • Seasons: Fall | Winter | Spring | Summer 
    • 12 month agreement: $1500, IPP 12x $125 [register] or PIF $1455 [register]
      • (Fees does not include team travel, uniforms, or USRowing athlete membership fee)


  • • Parents are responsible for athlete transportation, hotels, and meals for Local and Team Events.
  • • Team Travel Fee - Are invoiced for Local and Team events, in addition to membership fees to cover shared event cost (entry fees, equipment transport, and coaching/chaperone expenses) where a majority of the roster competes. This fee will be invoiced once seasonal registration closes and must be paid prior to first event. 
  • • Select Travel Fee - Are invoiced for Select Events, in addition to membership fees to cover shared event cost where a selected crew competes, This fee will be invoiced seperatly as needed and must be paid prior to the event.
  • • East Tennessee Rowing is affiliated with USRowing, the National Governing Body of our sport, which requires athletes to have an annual Individual Championship Memberships to compete our club code when registering is HWTWE. This is not included in ETRowing membership.
  • • The team uniform and personal gear are not included in the membership. We will open the team store once the season starts to give athletes and parents an oppotunty to get gear.
  • • Limited financial assistance is available for those in need.