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Youth Rowing

Youth Rowing
  • Program Contact: Coach Allen Eubanks at 865-850-4649
  • East Tennessee Rowing (ETRowing) is a 501c3 that exists to promote the Olympic sport of rowing/crew in the Tennessee foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. ETRowing sponsors a Junior program, for middle and high school aged students in the Blount, Knox and Loudon Counties, by providing the facilities, equipment, coaching, and organization to implement a whole-body approach to training on and off water.
  • There are many reasons to row – from college admissions, personal development, fitness, camaraderie and teamwork. We are seeking student-athletes that are hardworking, and willing to set high standards for themselves and those around them! If you like being outdoors, on the water, challenged mentally and physically while being part of a team where you create lifelong friendships, and having fun, rowing is worth a try. [Rowing, or the Greatest Decision You Will Ever Make]
  • Our Junior program is co-ed and consists of 60+ athletes. We do have boys and girls on the team that train and compete on separately. ETRowing is a composite traveling team with athletes come from multiple public and private schools in Blount, Knox, and Loudon counties that come together to compete under a single banner as East Tennessee Rowing.

No Prior Experience Is Required

  • No Superstars -- Rowing is the ultimate team sport that completely immerses and inspires athletes to be competitive. Through a long-term athlete development framework our athletes learn that while technique and strength may be enough to move a boat, it is about being part of something larger than any one individual that creates a successful team on and off the water.
  • Personal Development -- Rowing is a demanding sport that requires mental and physical toughness, but also an exciting and fun.  Our training process develops sport specific water skills, their general physiology. With an aim to ignite a passion for rowing in talented youngsters as a foundation for their future sporting and personal success.
  • College Admissions -- The sport of rowing is immersed in a college going culture. For parents and students, one of the primary advantages of high school rowing is the benefit of improved college admissions and for some even offer college rowing scholarships
  • Row with us -- ETRowing while it is competitive still has the capability to bring on and develop new non-experienced athletes each season. We welcome new athletes to come out and learn about the sport of rowing during our FREE PREVIEW WEEK. Prospective athletes may participate without obligation for one week and meet our team, coaching staff, and facilities to get a feel for the culture and the sport, to determine whether it's something they wish to pursue. Just select the season below that interest you to try it out and select it below for more specific details.
    • We ask that participants to watch the USRowing Safety Video annually.
    • One-Week Summer Camps - Boys and girls age 11-18 are invited to register for one of our summer camp sessions. Enrollment for all sessions is limited and no experience is necessary.
  • Seasons -- Rowing is a year-a-round sport with four 12-week periodized training seasons each with unique training and competition formats. Which culminates at USRowing Southeast Youth Championships, held the second weekend in May, or the US Rowing Youth National Championships, held the second in June. While we believe our best athletes come from year-a-round development, we know that some athletes may row for just one season due to involvement in other sports or activities. We suggest you select the season that interest you and explore our practice times and training options.
    • FALL (Mid-Aug - Mid-Nov) -- Regattas are typically 5,000 meter time trial races, requiring endurance.
    • WINTER (Mid-Nov - Mid-Feb) -- Rowers move indoors to build strength, conditioning, and technical development using rowing machines and weight training. 
    • SPRING (Mid-Feb - Mid-May) -- Regattas are 2,000 meter side-by-side sprints, requiring strength and fitness. 
    • SUMMER (Mid-May - Mid-Aug) -- Rowers will enjoy summer on the water at Fort Loudoun Lake along with fun summer camps to promote team-building and overall fitness. 
  • Crews -- Our Men's and Women's Crews are split into Varsity and Novice squads.
    • Novice - for beginner athletes in their first year. Focus - athlete development, establishing a fitness base, and gaining boat moving skills to prepare athletes to contribute toward their future varsity squad success.
    • Varsity - for experienced athletes with one season of racing experience. There have been instances, particularly talented novices are brought up to the varsity crews in their first season on the team. 
  • Ages -- ETRowing accepts kids from the year the athlete turns 12 years old through the summer after their senior year of high school.
    • The lower age limit is based on a child's size, as he/she needs to be able to work with the equipment which can be heavy and cumbersome. We do have ask new rowers to be able to lift 30 pounds over their head, as some of our equipment weighs just over 200 pounds as they will be required to carrying the boats down to the water.
    • Additionally, we ask all new rowers to demonstrate that they know how to swim. If you cannot swim, you probably shouldn’t be on the water rowing. Our club requires all athletes to pass a swim test. This test includes a 5-minute tread, 200m swim, as well as putting on a life jacket while you’re in the water.
  • Lightweight Rowing -- Lightweight rowers get their own category to allow them to race competitively against rowers of similar size. The lightweight category is raced at a number of collegiate programs, as well. Wns ltwt cut-off - 130 lbs | Mns ltwt cut-off – 150 lbs.
  • Coxswains -- Are you a coxswain? A coxswain is an athlete, smaller in stature, who steers the boat and directs the rest of the crew during races and practices. Wns coxswains -110 lbs or less | Mns coxswains 120 lbs or less. 
  • Coaches -- ETRowing has assembled a professional group of certified coaches that are is responsible for training, racing, and equipment for our programs. Each make safety and long-term athlete development their top priority through an athlete’s entire rowing career, growing their passion for the sport and understand while technical skill and strength are enough to move a boat as there is something larger than oneself that creates a successful team on and off the water.
  • Facilities -- Practices are conducted at our Boathouse ‚Äčon Fort Loudoun Lake or at our Watt Street Gym in the Alcoa City Center.
    • • Boathouse: (3452 Louisville Rd., Louisville, TN) Convenient to Blount and Knox Counties, and surrounding areas. It is a 20-minute drive from the I-40 / Pellissippi Parkway (I-140) intersection by taking Topside Rd and 20-minutes from Downtown Knoxville via Alcoa Highway, as well as 15 minutes from downtown Maryville along Louisville Road.
    • • Watt Street Gym: (259 East Watt St., Alcoa, TN) Next to Alcoa Family Chiropractic. 
  • Attendance -- Our staff realizes that we have very smart and well-rounded student athletes, that we encourage to be involved in their schools, church and community for complete development. However, we do expect all athletes to attend every practice and race. Absences from practice should be communicated to coaches, as far ahead of time as possible, both verbally and by email or text. An absence from practice or racing is excused if an athlete misses school due to illness or has a family emergency.  Individual absences could very well mean the difference between the rest of their boat going out on the water, or staying on land. Everyone who joins crew realizes they must respect the commitment the rest of the team has made in order for everyone to succeed.
  • Practices – We train four to five days a week with an optional session offered on Saturday mornings. Each season has different practice times and requirements as rowing is an outdoor sport it is dependent the water level of the lake, weather, and usable daylight. ETRowing practices are held as scheduled during all fall and spring breaks due to participation of rowers from throughout the metro Knoxville area. However, we do use local school inclement weather closers to adjust practice.
  • Roster Selection -- ETRowing promotes speed regardless of age or grade. Athletes that are identified as boat movers will be boated accordingly determined by the coaching staff and will factor in:  attendance, attitude, erg scores, overall performance and boat moving ability. 
  • ETRowing ALL TIME TOP 10 - 2000m Erg Scores 

     Varsity MenClassTimeVarsity WomenClassTime
    1Andrew Knoll20166:08.8Kasey Grizzell20187:26.5
    2Nathan Dubs20146:30.4Hannah Hayes20187:29.5
    3Isaac Keller20166:41.4Diamond Hurst20157:33.6
    4Jerad Douglas20166:44.7Morgan Senogles20177:36.4
    5John Harbin20176:45.1Grace Headrick20157:42.0
    6Josh Bostrom20156:53.3Bella Bostrom20207:51.2
    7Matthew Franks20206:53.6Lindsay Krawczyk (lt)20167:54.6
    8Calvin Macklin20186:56.0Jo Jo Cooper20157:55.4
    9James Cox20176:59.1Olivia Colston20227:57.6
    10Conor Metz20186:59.9Sarah Kate Rines20177:58.2
    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
    Competitions -- In rowing competitions are called regattas our SCHEDULE includes 3-5 regattas each season at the local, regional, and national level. A majority of these event are on the weekend and do not require missing school. As we are a traveling competitive team as our crews competing at home on Fort Loudon Lake. Locally in Oak Ridge, Nashville, and Chattanooga. Across the Southeast Region in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas. On occasionwe compete nationally in Cincinnati (OH), Pittsburg (PA), Philadelphia (PA), Boston (MA), or Camden (NJ). 
    • ETRO Travel Policy: Parents/Boosters are responsible for making athlete travel and lodging arrangements for events. 
  • What to wear -- Clothing should be comfortable for exercising, and fit close to the body (so it won’t get caught in the seat/slide).  Footwear should have rubber bottoms to reduce slipping on the dock.  Weather conditions can feel very different on the water than on land, so dressing in layers is useful, and avoid cotton clothing. Once we start on the water we row rain or shine, so be prepared.  You should always bring a water bottle, and if it’s raining you will want dry clothes to change into after practice.
  • Fees -- ETRowing offers junior memberships in Seasonal (3-month), Academic (9-month), and Annual (12-month) agreements. We attempt to incorporate local regatta cost with the operational club fees into the seasonal fee. Please check our each season for more details.
    • The athlete fee covers, but not limited to: USRowing Organizational Registration, Facility Insurance, D&O Insurance and General Liability Insurance, Equipment Usage (shells, ergometers, workout equipment, and safety launches), Facility Usage (Boathouse and Gym), Professional USRowing Certified Coaching, Club Administrative fees, Local Regattas Expenses (team entry fees and equipment transport), Media, Communication and Website maintenance fees.
    • The seasonal athlete fees do not cover - Personal USRowing Championship memberships, Select or Championship Regattas Expenses (transportation, hotels, meals, entry fees etc.) Racing Uniform or personal gear. 
  • All rowing participants are required to be USRowing Individual Membership ($45) to compete. (Club Code: HWTWE) USRowing the national govering body of the sport requires annual  [not included in fees] ETRowing does not require an additional club membership or massive volunteer hours to join. There are annual fundraising events that have been established to offset the costs of being a member of the program.
  • Communication -- We use multiple platforms to make sure the athlete and their support network are informed. We do use the E-mail provided during registration, but we find it less effective as our system only stores one contact per membership. A majority of notifications are sent by our text system is called “Remind”. You may join our text service by texting @etrowing to #81010. Feel free to like or follow us at @etrowing on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram for general announcements and weather updates are posted.
  • Parents -- Our Booster Club is integral to the success of the junior program and handles volunteer functions including team coordination, transportation to regattas, hosting pre-race dinners at family homes, manning the food tent at regattas, organizing social functions and fundraising. Your volunteer efforts are needed to support the athletes in their pursuits.