Open Gym

Open gym allows you to use the gym on your own without having to follow the structured workout. Come in to use our facility today!

Work Out At Your Own Pace

Are you working on specific workouts and targeting certain areas? Then come in to work on your own during open gym! You will have access to the whole gym to focus on your own training and concentrate on what you want to work on. We offer many times during the day as open gym slots because we want you to be able to train for your next competition or focus on areas that you want to improve on.

Our programming at Watt Street Gym reflects a time tested system to improving athletes’ overall physical fitness. However, we know that all athletes develop at different rates and each have unique goals and challenges that inspire them to put in extra time. WSG’s Open Gym (OG) is intended to provide athletes an independent skill/cardio/lifting time block. Because a coach is not directly managing athletes during open gym, certain forms of maximum intensity exercise are not permitted. This is a safety concern and will require some judgment on your part. Examples of “not allowed” exercises include Hero WODs, the Girls, and Max effort (>85%) Olympic lifting movements. If you want to max out your double-unders, row a 2K, or see how many sit-ups you can do in 2 minutes, knock yourself out. Bottom line: check in with the coach on duty and let him or her know what your workout plan is for your Open gym session. This policy is subject to interpretation by the coach on staff, and we reserve the coach’s right to squash any unsafe activity at any time. Coaches have earned the right to workout at their discretion and may be doing some of these things during open gym; this is a privilege afforded by being a coach. Our insurance company thanks you for your cooperation.

Our Facility

All of our equipment is made from the best materials and manufactured by certified brands. No matter if you are training to get in shape or training for a major competition, our gym has everything you need to succeed. Our open facility creates an inspiring and motivating atmosphere that is the perfect place to workout on your own time.

Open Gym Rules

  • Open Gym is included as part of an Unlimited Membership or can count as 1 of your 3 classes per week if enrolled in a 3x weekly membership.
  • For 3x weekly athletes, additional Open gym passes can be purchased for $5/day.
  • You must have completed the Intro Course to attend Open gym.
  • Open gym is not a coached session. A coach will be on premises, but no class will be led.
  • Open gym may often be offered at the same time as another class. The scheduled class will be given first use of the equipment, stereo, and clock.
  • The on-duty coach reserves the right to change or stop athletes’ activities at any time.

Open gym allows you to focus on your own workout and intensify it however you would like.

If you are training on your own or with a friend, use our space for open gym! Contact us to set it up today.