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Indoor Rowing

Indoor Rowing
  • Not Sure What Indoor Rowing is All About? You are not alone. 

  • Unfortunately, it has been a well kept secret at most health clubs.As most gyms have rowing machines that sit idle and collect dust. When people get proper instruction and are able to experience the many benefits received from rowing, they wish they had discovered it much earlier.
  • Indoor rowing classes are similar to spinning classes, except that every major muscle group is involved.
  • No prior rowing experience required.
  • Recognized as the ultimate calorie burning exercise, indoor rowing is a great way to boost your metabolism.
  • Rowing provides one of the most rewarding forms of exercise as it works every major muscle group of the body and it is a great cardiovascular workout.
  • These indoor rowing classes combine rowing intervals on Concept2 rowing machines with dynamic sculpting exercises for the perfect balance of cardio and strength training.  
  • Classes are instructed by certified rowing coaches.
  • These 50 minutes of a low-impact, efficient, full-body workout all set to high-energy music, similar to spinning classes, except that every major muscle group is involved in every stroke.
  • The key benefits of Indoor Rowing at Watt Street Gym are:
    • • Healthy, safe, supervised exercise
    • • A friendly and supportive atmosphere in very clean spaces
    • • A convenient location
    • • Training requires a month-to-month commitment and set to auto renewing unless a 30 days advanced notice of cancellation or freeze is received.
    • • First week of gym access is FREE. 
    • • Classes are capped at 15 athletes to maintain a dynamic coach to athlete ratio in a non-intimidating environment.
  • Class Times 
    • T, R          7:00P
    • Sa            10:30A
    • $135 /month: Unlimited classes /week
    • $110 /month: 3x classes /week 
    • $80 /month: 2x classes /week 
    • $45: Drop-in weekly rate
    • $20: Drop-in day rate
      • The program fees do not include travel or competitions.
      • 10% Discount for Active Military, Police, Fire, and Family.