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Corporate Wellness

“Our mission is to encourage, educate and improve the lives of your employees, as reflected in their positive attitude and contribution to not only their work, but their lives overall.”

Why Corporate Wellness?

When employers consider implementing a well-planned wellness program for their employees they need to view this as an investment as opposed to an expenditure. Why? Simply for every dollar invested an employer can expect a $5.82 return. This is quantified by a reduction in absenteeism, increased productivity, reduced employee turnover and reduced health care costs. The key to a successful program is getting those considered ‘high risk’ involved in exercise and nutritional guidance. “High risk’ employees usually meet three of the following criteria. They are smokers, overweight, high blood pressure, drink excessive amounts of alcohol, stressed and have high levels of job and life dissatisfaction.

Extensive studies have shown that participants in physical activity programs report:

  • Exercise helps them achieve higher mental concentration and feel more alert

  • They enjoy work more than non-participants and it boosts their morale

  • Exercise improves reaction time, memory and decision-making ability

  • They are more productive, have more stamina and are sick less often

  • Exercise induces sounder sleep and they handle stress better

  • They have better rapport with coworkers and enjoy work more

Conclusions of these and many other reports suggest that the question is no longer whether companies should get into employee fitness programs, but how best to design and implement for optimal results. Over 80% of companies polled cited that lack of resources and staffing were the main reasons for not implementing a corporate fitness program.

Protect your bottom line.

Healthcare cost comparisons only serve to highlight the difference between fit and unfit employees. For example, workers compensation claims per 100 employees who were obese totaled $51,021 compared to 100 workers with normal body weight which were $7,503. Workers compensation costs for smokers totaled an average $2.189 per person compared to $176 for non-smokers. Members of fitness programs filed 34% less workers compensation claims than those employees who did not adopt any kind of exercise or wellness program. Many corporate wellness programs will adopt ‘work hardening’ exercise regimens that will strengthen the muscles required for frequently performed job tasks in repetitive manual occupations. Even for clerical or executive employees, sitting at a desk for several hours a day puts strain on various systems in the body. Smart employers are providing various incentives for their employees not to be just members of gym but to actually use that membership as part of a corporate wellness program. It pays!

Why choose East Tennessee Rowing?

At East Tennessee Rowing, we are the resources. We have the qualified personnel to help employees get started and see results. We offer a variety of programs and services to ensure employees are motivated to get started and stay active. Our corporate plans are simple but effective. We offer not only excellent programs but also great savings for the employee and the company. Our popular programs include intro classes for the employees. At East Tennessee Rowing it is all about results and we will ensure that the company and participants both experience the benefits of a corporate fitness program.

Company Benefit


These popular wellness programs are a true benefit to the employees as well as the company. Employees are added to their company’s wellness plan at guaranteed rate for the length of the 12-month term. Billing and management of the account is handled by your East Tennessee Rowing professional. The client’s company can choose to subsidize the program at any level, thereby increasing participation, motivation, and results.

Company Participated Option

  • The company pays the dues for the employees directly to East Tennessee Rowing either annually or monthly.

  • The company has the option to subsidize the membership fully, partially, or simply collect the dues via payroll deduction or directly from the employee.

  • East Tennessee Rowing gives a 20% discount off the Unlimited Access Membership with $0 enrollment cost.

  • By offering a convenient payment plan, the company gives employees an excellent payment option and substantial savings.

  • The membership term is 12 months or for as long as the company employs the member. If an employee leaves the company, the membership can be transferred to another employee or cancelled with 30 days notice for no additional fee.

  • East Tennessee Rowing will provide on-site information sessions, lunch time seminars, and health and wellness sessions as required by the company.

  • The corporate rate is based on 5 new members joining within 30 days.

  • Employees must provide company ID to qualify for the discount.

  • The company agrees to facilitate communication of the plan to employees under this option.

GROUP RATE - General Discount

Under this membership program, employees are given a specific discount on membership based on the interest level and the number of enrollments. Membership rates are guaranteed only during open enrollment. We do however encourage the company to subsidize the dues to enhance participation. Employees are more motivated to get fit not only by the discount but also by the encouragement of the company.

Employee Participated Option

  • For companies where payroll deduction or company purchase is not possible, we offer a plan whereby the employees purchase the membership directly from East Tennessee Rowing.

  • Employees enroll at the club of their choice and set up their dues through their own monthly payment plan.

  • Employees receive a discount based on the interest level and the number of enrollments off the monthly dues without any administrative participation by the company.

  • Program Overview Corporate Wellness Packages


Minimum Employees

Program Discount

Cost of Membership













$0 Enrollment for all membership programs.

  • The company agrees to facilitate communication of the plan to employees.

  • East Tennessee Rowing will provide on-site information sessions, lunch & learns, and /or health and wellness sessions as required by the company.

  • The corporate rate is based on new members at the end of the enrollment period. Rates will be locked for 12 months.

  • Employees must provide company ID to qualify for the discount.

Benefits of Partnership

  • Complimentary 1-week trial memberships for employees considering enrolling in the program.

  • Family members can receive a 20% Discount as long as they reside at the same address or have same surname.

  • Complimentary lunch time seminars conducted by a team of professionals including personal trainers, group exercise instructors and nutritionists.

  • A wide range of facilities, programs, and membership options to suit all needs.

  • Complimentary fitness assessments with a trainer to help integrate and motivate all new members.

  • • Introductory programs and classes available for your employees.

  • • Usage reports are available upon request to monitor employee participation.

  • • Through exercise your employees will notice an increase in their energy level and concentration, a boosted immune system, as well as an improved level of endurance and strength.

Implementing a Program

Choose the best plan for your company

  • Whether you choose Company Participated or Employee Participated plan, consider including some financial subsidy. When you contribute financially, no matter how small, you are sending the message that exercising is important and that you want to help your employees live a healthy lifestyle. We’ve found that by offering a contribution on your employee's’ behalf, the participation rate will increase dramatically.

Launching a program

  • We suggest launching the program with an on-site information session for your employees. We have found that this offers the best opportunity for your employees to find out all about the corporate program, club facilities, membership types and rates. We can design the communication piece and provide all the necessary information so all you need to do is book a place and time.

Result = healthier employees!

  • Employees will take fewer sick days. Team morale, commitment, and loyalty will improve. You can expect to attract better employees that are high-achievers. Employee satisfaction will improve, thereby reducing employee turnover and increasing the productivity and quality of work.

How do you get started with the East Tennessee Rowing Wellness Program?

  • Contact Josh Boling, East Tennessee Rowing Gym Manager, at (865)223-9163. East Tennessee Rowing will be happy to meet with you regarding establishing a Corporate Wellness Program at your business, organization or social group.

Club Amenities

The East Tennessee Rowing Corporate Wellness Program provides a variety of services to choose from. Our goal is to ensure that your associates achieve the results that both you and they desire, thus they will have access to all of the following services East Tennessee Rowing offers:

  • Professional Staff - East Tennessee Rowing only employs nationally certified coaches and trainers who can tailor a package to meet your associates’ needs. All training sessions are coached and included in pricing.

  • Immaculate Facilities - East Tennessee Rowing is developing customized, safe, and clean training facilities to service with state-of-the-art equipment our clientele. Associates will find unique programs at each of our locations:

    • Watt Street Gym - Our gym is located in the Alcoa City Center, 279 E. Watt Street in Alcoa [view map].

      • Elements Program - one-month introductory program to teach and evaluate new members of the club. During this class athletes will safely learn the movements and lifts used in our classes. At the same time the athletes are being assessed on their personal fitness level so that a personalized training plan can be developed to help them reach their personal goal.

      • Group Training Classes - Members have a variety of classes and times to choose from if they like to exercise in a group setting. Classes incorporating dynamic strength training, metabolic conditioning, indoor rowing, and plyometric movements. These 50-minute classes will get help you lose weight, gain strength and grow confidence.

    • Smoky Mountain Rowing Center - Our boathouse is located on Fort Loudoun Lake, Boathouse located 3452 Louisville Road, Louisville [view map]

    • Learn-to-Row program This month long program teaches the basic movements of the rowing stroke. The program includes equipment handling and terminology.

    • Recreational Rowing program for experienced athletes that meets 2-3 times per week.  

    • Competitive Teams (additional cost will apply) compete in local, regional and national level.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

When it comes to making an investment in wellness, Companies usually have some concerns or questions. At East Tennessee Rowing we understand and are prepared to help you answer the questions that you may have. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers:

I am not sure how many associates may be interested.

It is very common for a company to be unsure of how many associates will participate in the program. We can provide a customized survey to assist you in identifying the level of interest with your company. You may already have associates that are members with us now and we will be glad to freeze their existing memberships. What you will find is that as you get the program started, more and more associates will want to participate because of the affordability, convenience, and the results others will receive.

What about the liability to the company?

Especially if one of the associates gets injured. Because your associates are participating on a voluntary basis and not on your company property, most attorneys in the country advise that your company is the last party to be held liable. In addition, we offer certified trainers and instructors, which further reduce the possibility of an injury. You have a much greater chance of having a future medical or workers compensation claim at the office, than through injury at one of our facilities.

There is just not enough money in the budget for this year.

We understand and know that budgets are adjusted if an idea makes good financial sense. Besides, you may want to bill back some of the investments to the associates, and in some cases, there may be enough interest to offset any company contribution being made.

There is too much administration and we do not have the manpower to handle it right now.

This is a common misconception. We have developed the program so that there is minimal administrative work required on your part. Once you have enrolled a core group of associates, the only challenge is to get more associates involved. Plus, when it comes to reuniting future associates, you will find this to be an invaluable tool, because it will separate you from your competition.

Can’t you just offer the employees that are interested a discount and let them decide?

This method has been tried for many years and unfortunately, it has failed. If your goal is to get as many associates involved as possible, then the East Tennessee Rowing Corporate Wellness Program is the answer. Why? Because when something is promoted and paid for by the company, the associates are more encouraged to participate. They would much rather participate through an approved company arrangement, than to go out and try to do it on their own.

How much does it cost to implement the East Tennessee Rowing Corporate Wellness Program?

The East Tennessee Rowing Corporate Membership Program gives employers several different options to promote fitness to its employees, including plans that have zero cost to the employer.

How much will an East Tennessee Rowing Corporate Membership cost employees?

All Corporate Memberships are available for $0 down. The monthly rate depends on the number of enrolled employees and the level of participation from the employer.

Can’t our employees just walk into East Tennessee Rowing and get started with a $0 Down Membership?

No. The $0 Down Enrollment Membership is not available except through the corporate wellness program.

Besides memberships, what else can East Tennessee Rowing provide?

At no charge to your company, East Tennessee Rowing can provide your company with the following wellness components:

  • Weight and body fat tests for employees
  • Free nutrition classes
  • Injury prevention techniques
  • Simple exercise outlines

We Appreciate The Opportunity You Have Given Us. East Tennessee Rowing Organization would like to thank you for taking your time to inquire about East Tennessee Rowing Corporate Wellness Program. We are hopeful that you will see the value of this program and the benefits it will provide to your company and to your associates. No matter what your decision, we appreciate the opportunity.