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Watt St. Gym

Watt St. Gym

Fitness and overall wellness are achievable goals for everyone.

Watt Street Gym (WSG) is East Tennessee Rowing’s strength and conditioning facility providing monthly memberships to the public to take advantage of our fun and challenging group training classes that appeals to both men and women alike. Our membership come from varying backgrounds, athletic abilities, and experience levels drawn together by a common passion for personal fitness. At WSG you will find community, camaraderie, support, and a safe place where you're driven toward becoming the better you. Whatever your goals are overall strength, conditioning, weight loss, increased mental clarity, focus, of just a desire to meet new friends.

Our hour-long group training classes incorporate elements from high-intensity interval training, dynamic lifting, plyometric training, calisthenics, and rowing. Each session uses time-tested workouts that have produce some of the world’s best-conditioned athletes. Workouts integrate a warm-up, focused strength movement, a skill development segment, the daily conditioning workout, and stretching. Optimizing physical proficiency in cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, and power.

WSG is a climate controlled indoor facility with a family friendly atmosphere. Outfitted with world-class fitness equipment, and staffed with certified coaches that prioritize gym safety and technique.

Located at the Alcoa City Center, 259 E. Watt Street, Alcoa [view map].

No previous gym experience is needed to get started. 

New members receive a mobility screening for pre-existing injuries, athleticism, and flexibility restrictions to assess the athlete’s current fitness level.  During the first week, you will receive free gym access to unlimited classes to experience our group classes and indoor rowing classes. To check out our facilities, get know our current members, find that workout partner, and give our coaches an opportunity to evaluate your goals, introduce the fundamentals of living a healthy and active lifestyle.

At WSG, our group sessions are capped at 15 athletes to maintain a dynamic coach to athlete ratio, the equivalent of semi-personal training. Our nationally certified coaches program your workouts, instruct movements, scale the workout (if necessary), offer nutritional suggestions (if requested), provide access to indoor group rowing classes and outdoor group rowing classes classes like no other facility in the area, and are committed to each member every time you walk in the door. 

  • $135 /month: Unlimited weekly access to Gym AND Rowing classes
  • $110 /month: 3x Gym access /week OR Row 2x /week
  • $80 /month: 2x Gym class access /week with No Rowing
  • $45: Drop-in weekly rate
  • $20: Drop-in day rate
    • The program fees do not include travel or competitions (if needed).
    • 10% Discount for Active Military, Police, Fire, Corporate, and Family.
    • Training requires a month-to-month commitment and set to auto renewing unless a 30 days advanced notice of cancellation or freeze is received.

For more information contact: Coach Josh Boling 865-223-9163 or better yet just drop in and join us. Remember, Watt Street Gym and East Tennessee Rowing is committed to help you build your body, mind to achieve your fitness goals to get fitter, faster, and stronger. Sign up today!