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East Tennessee Rowing offers adult programs are for rowers of all athletic backgrounds and ages. Members come to row or to use or training center to achieve their fitness goals of weight loss, gaining strength, and improving their cardio, or just a desire to meet new friends. We offer a variety of beginner, recreational and competitive programs to match skill level and competitive interest. Have you never done anything athletic? We welcome you! All our programs take place on beautiful Fort Loudoun Lake or at our Watt Street Gym.

ETRowing is a sweep rowing program, you will establish bonds of friendship as you row on the river with seven other people. Sign up with friends, or meet people from every walk of life, as you learn to handle an eight-person shell. Meet people from all over the area as you work to develop your individual rowing skills in a group setting. Our adult members enjoy month-to-month memberships, easy access to a variety of water and land based classes, camaraderie with other members, and access to our Watt Street Gym with state-of-the-art equipment, nutrition counseling and professional coaches that will support you to achieve your fitness objectives every time you walk in the door.

From time to time our masters train for competitions around the Southeast region in local regattas in Oak Ridge (TN), Chattanooga (TN), Augusta (GA), Gainesville (GA), and Nashville (TN). ETRowing coaches organize and handle regatta entries and logistics. Crew members cover race fees as competitions are not included in the program fees.

Beginners should start their rowing journey in our Intro to Rowing Classes. Our basic introductory sweep class, which will get you on the water and learning the basics in no time. It’s perfect for people of all fitness levels and previous athletic experience! Class begins on land on rowing machines then onto the water in one of our rowing shells to which you will become familiar with rowing terminology and the fundamentals of technique while learning to row in a fun group environment. Upon successful completion of Intro to Rowing, students can progress to our Master Rowing classes. Sign Up! ($125 per participant)

ETRowing offers a unique year around training experience. Our adult on the water season begins the first week of April and runs continually through mid-November. Water sessions run about 90 minutes on Tue and Thu (6pm) then on Sat (9am). Practice is dependent on weather and usable daylight, therefor in the event of inclement weather or limited light training will head indoors to the gym. During the winter months, we focus on continued conditioning with indoor rowing classes and weight training that fits you.

Training requires a month-to-month commitment and set to auto renewing unless a 30 days advanced notice of cancellation or freeze is received.

For more information contact: Coach Will Baker

  • $135 /month: Unlimited Gym access /week AND Row 3x /week
  • $110 /month: 3x Gym access /week OR Row 2x /week
  • $45: Drop-in weekly rate
  • $20: Drop-in day rate